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“So, what’s the story with you guys?”
In the glow of the streetlights, Sephy’s heart shaped face wore an expression of unfathomable curiosity. I could feel the hum of bass through the souls of my shoes. Beer was warming my blood, air was cooling my cheeks. I embraced the buzz.
“Boys with glasses, you know? As if they’re not pretty enough, you have to put, like, a goddamn frame around their best feature.” The words were bubbling out of me.
Sephy nodded, emphatically, sensing she was on the verge of a fan girl exclusive.
“And then there’s all that hair. I mean, if my hair was that unruly I’d look a mess, but with guys it’s like the messier it is, the more manly they are. Slap a plaid shirt on them and suddenly you’re lusting after some kind of near-sighted lumberjack who reads in his spare time and can never find his comb.”

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